Facebook Dating Tips

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Facebook Dating Tips

1. Have a picture that someone would look at and think, "Yes, I'd like to go on a date with him/her." That means a picture where your face and even body are in plain sight. That doesn't mean you in Picasso's blue period to show off your artsiness or a picture of Machu Picchu where you're a speck on a mountaintop. When you're on the date, you can share all about your Picasso mindmeld or your Machu Picchu trip.

2. Don't use a fake name or alias. Unless you're Angelina Jolie or a porn star, you don't need a stage name for privacy. It's just weird.

3. Don't have pictures of other people's babies in your profile picture. If you're single and looking to date, your primary profile picture shouldn't even have kids in it. You wouldn't introduce him to your kids on the first date (I hope!), so why be quick to introduce them virtually?

4. Don't have pictures of your other friends in your profile picture. The potential date might not know which one you are and not want to take a chance. They might be cuter or less cute. Don't be confusing. The desired response when viewing a picture is "Wow," not "Who?"

5. Your primary picture is not the voting booth. A picture of your favorite political candidate or slogan will not improve your chances.

6. Your favorite team's symbol will not help. Again, discuss your love for D Wade or the 49ers on the date.

7. A picture with a fun mask, sunglasses or a hat will be distracting and lead your potential set-up to say, "More info please." Give it to them in a picture sans large objects blocking you.

8. Pictures with the opposite sex, including your brother, cousin or boss, are not welcome here.

9. Set your relationship status to "Single." It sounds obvious, but sometimes people forget to do it. Advertise your availability.

10. Don't talk about last night's date in your Facebook status. It's a modern-day kiss-and-tell. You may not have friended each other yet, but vivid details about your date or making fun of his bad shoes or table manners will come around, if not directly, then via karma.

11. Set your privacy settings to make the basics on your profile public. Otherwise you're not searchable. You can make your albums and wall private. Making the basics unsearchable is like going to a bar to meet people, then spending the evening in the bathroom hiding.

12. Make sure you have a profile on Facebook in the first place. Facebook's been cooler, the stock price dropped and there are hipper sites, but if you're looking for love, it's odd and shady not to be there. Can a billion people be wrong?

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